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Management of Pregnancy
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Menstrual Problems
Fibroid Uterus
Ovarian Cysts
Ectopic Pregnancy
World Mother’s Day: Labour Pain is a Wonderful Experience
For a mother, natural birth leads to a healthier and easier postnatal recovery. It is beneficial for the infant..
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Mother's Milk: Essential For Newborns
For good health of babies and to make people aware of the importance of breastfeeding...
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To be born in the lap of luxury
New Delhi, Aug 23 (IANS) Who doesn't want to bring up his child in a cocoon of comfort? Little Lavanya's parents...
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Navbharat Times-Delhi Times Quotes
Quotes of dr Anita Gupta in Navbharat Times-Delhi Times...
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Woman with a major fibroid saved
A 40-year-old woman was successfully operated for a very rare condition...
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PCOD, a cause of female infertility
Most of the time, poly cystic ovarian disease is diagnosed in women in their 20s or 30s. However it may also affect...
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Birthing you baby
Dr. Anita Gupta, Senior Consultant-obstetrics and Gynaecology, Fortis La Femme, tells you all about birthing naturally and clears some common myths about it..
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  Patient Testimonials & Reviews
   Shweta Naithani

 We are highly grateful you maam for our little bundle of joy.
Thank You.

   Azeez Rahman

 Dr. Anita Gupta is an extremely dedicated, knowledgeable Gynae, who helped me during my visit to New Delhi, India in 2015 and 2016. She was awesome in providing treatment to my family and i will be always thankful to her for this. I would recommed her to every gynae patient from Afghanistan and in India. My best wishes will be always with her in achieving every success in life. Once again thanks for your kind attention to my patients..

   Indu Yadav

 I want to say big thanks to you for giving me such good care and support for all the things had good experience u such good sweet and kind....


 Mam thnx for bringing our baby safely in this world. We feel proud to trust you during journey of last nine months. Thnx a ton...


 Without ur guidance n treatment we wouldn't be able to see this happiness it's been five years of marriage. We thank you for being with us. May God bless u with lot of success in family and professional life....


 Her Professional excellence aptly combined with highly sensitive, personalized & warmth in attitude, made my pre- delivery ; delivery & post- delivery phase a cherished & fascinating experience.

Her presence around me was always comforting & motivating. While she was around, I never missed my mother, during the delivery...

   Jyoti's Husband

 Going through childbirth is a mix of immense pain followed by immense happiness. In this journey, the presence of a wonderful doctor like you is simply priceless. Thanks "MAM" to being with us for comforting my wife and taking away all her stress.
Thanks a lot.....


 May d almighty Lord impact more knowledge & wisdom in u thru which u save life. Words are not enough 2 express my gratitude towards what God used u 2 do in my life. Now my life is normal.i'll never forget u, remain blessed..


 I am extremely grateful to u for the enormous amount of support,advice n confidence that u gave me throughout my pregnancies.You were empathetic,friendly n caring during this emotional time.I "Thank You" from the core of my heart for delivering both my sons safely...


 Thanks to your excellent and quality care, both mother and baby are healthy and happy.


Thank u so much for ur lovely care and support...this is sec birth that u given me...n always thanking to god that u were always with me with ur care 


Thanks Dr Anita Gupta for ur care, support n grt consultation, My search for best gynaecologist ends after meeting you... 


Thanks Dr Anita Gupta for your extraordinary care you provided throughout my pregnancy when I was looking for best gynecologist for me. 

I recommend Dr. Anita Gupta. She is a the best gynecologist. She is really known for normal deliveries in Delhi. My Wife had changed 2-3 doctors before she met Dr. Anita Gupta. My wife used to consult her through out her pregnancy. She is Simple and best. She gives the best treatment and care to her patients all time. Her number is 98110 96139. You should take appointment and then go on your timings to avoid wait line.
Avantika Behl
Dr. Anita Gupta is realy the best gynaecologist near south delhi. She helped me a lot during my pregnancy. Thanx a ton
Barkha Sharma
Had a lovely experience with Dr. Anita. Had a lovely experience with Dr. Anita.
Very understanding and wonderful person.
Barkha Nangia
Thank you Dr. Gupta for taking such good care of me.
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